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Hydrex Pest Control Sacramento can provide you with professional insect and pest control removal services throughout the Sacramento area. We specialize in pest control extermination and removal of cockroaches, bugs, termites (we also provide termite inspections in Sacramento), spiders, wasps, bees, yellow jackets, crickets, pigeons, mice, rats, and  other various rodents. Our certified Sacramento pest control technicians are knowledgeable and we provide them with the proper equipment to get each job done properly. When you hire Hydrex Pest Control Sacramento with the responsibility of getting rid of your bugs and insects we will guarantee that the job will be done correctly.

Infestations of insects in residential homes and commercial businesses around Sacramento can not only endanger you, your children and guests and even your pets but also can give you a bad reputation. Some of the main types of pests in Sacramento that can give your house a bad name may include: (mice, Ants, Termites, Cockroach, Spiders, Beetles, Fleas, rats, rodents, and pigeons). If you are in Sacramento and have noticed any of these dirty little critters then give Hydrex Pest Control of Sacramento a call today! With Hydrex Pest Control you can guarantee that the Pest Control job that we tackle will be complete and on time!  Give Hydrex Pest Control a call today and we can take care of any Sacramento pest control problem that you are having. We look forward to serving your Sacramento home.

Sacramento Pest Control Services

At Hydrex Pest Control Sacramento we provide both one time pest control extermination services as well as regularly reccurring insect control services. While we offer the one hour services to customers that insist on it, we highly recommend that in order to ensure that your home is as pest free as possible that you sign up for a recurring service contract with Hydrex Pest Control.  If you sign up for regular pest control treatment to your home will save money in the long run. If you sign up with Hydrex Pest Control regular treatment you can trust that your home will be pest free! If Hydrex Pest Control comes in and sprays pesticides one time it will simply will not kill as many insect eggs and larva. Even though a one time treatment will kill an extensive amount of insects, it would be benefiticial to get on a regular pest control maintenance program. A regular maintenance program makes sure that just as the eggs are hatching we re-spray your home and yard, killing the newly hatched insects before they have the opportunity to reproduce.

Another reason that we recommend a regular pest control service is because after a period of time, the chemical barrier that we lay down at the perimeter of your home will wear down and allow passage for outside insects to travel into your home. It is the continual re-spraying of this barrier that will best keep insects, spiders, scorpions and may other pest outside of your living space. In addition to these reasons, we think that you will like to hear that our recurring services are very affordable, and that you will save a lot of money (per spray) on a recurring service then you will paying for a one time spray every six months to a year.

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 Daddy Long Leg Pest Control Sacramento, CA Pest Control Sacramento, CA Pest Control Sacramento, CA Pest Control Sacramento, CA Pest Control Sacramento, CA Pest Control Sacramento, CA Pest Control Sacramento, CA Pest Control Sacramento, CA

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