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Termite Damage Sacramento

Termite Damage Sacramento

Signs of overall Termite Damage in Sacramento

Termite Damage SacramentoAs with all areas of the house, we recommend that you carefully examine the roof, walls, floors and foundation for all signs of termite damage. On any home that is over 3 years old, experts in termite inspections recommend that you obtain a roof certification from an established local roofing company to determine its service ability and the number of layers on the roof. We certainly recommend this for any roof over 5 years of age. Metal roofs in snow areas often do not have gutters and downspouts, as there is a concern that snow or ice cascading off the roof may tear gutters from the house will will contribute the the damage that termites will cause. Likewise, be advised that such cascading may cause personal injury or even death if the termite problems continue it will weaken the roof and cause this to happen even further and faster.

 Plumbing is an important concern in any structure in a termite inspection and overall termite damage. Moisture in the air and leaks can cause mildew, wallpaper and paint to peel, which will attrack dampwood termites, and dampwood termites are some of the most problematic termites in Sacramento. The termite inspector will identify as many issues as possible but some problems may be undetectable due to problems within the walls or under the flooring. Hiring a professinal termite inspection company may prevent thousands of dollars in repair bills. All exposed walls, ceilings and floors will be inspected for termites as these are the most problematic areas for termites. Doors and windows will also be investigated for termite damage and normal operation. Although excluded from interior termite inspection requirements, we will inform you of obvious broken gas seals in windows.

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Please realize that they are not always visible, due to temperature, humidity, window coverings, light source, etc. Your termite inspection will report visible damage, wear and tear, and moisture problems if seen. Personal items in the structure may prevent the inspector from viewing all areas, as the inspector will not move personal items. A termite inspection for damage does not include the identification of, or research for, appliances and other items that may have been recalled or have had a consumer safety alert issued about it. Any comments made in the report are regarding well known notices and are provided as a courtesy only. Give Hydrex Termite Control a call today if you think you may have termite damage and we will come out and do a full termite inspection today!

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