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We will fix your Dry Rot from those terrible pests! Having a Sacramento Pest Control company in your home before the problem starts could prevent many future problems! It could be indoors or outdoors in Sacramento but wood that has been damaged by dry rot must be repaired or replaced before it can be painted. Here's how Hydrex Pest Control Sacramento will handle the situation with your dry rot termite repair in Sacramento.

What is Sacramento Dry Rot?
Despite its name, Sacramento dry rot occurs when moisture is present and can be caused by a number of things. Moist wood is an attractive habitat to several species of fungi and termites. in Sacramento. Dry Rot after the moisture has been eliminated and the fungus itself has been cleaned away, the underlying wood is cracked and porous, incapable of holding a fastener or supporting a coat of paint.

Repair or replace Sacramento Dry Rot?
Naturally, the first thing that needs to happen is that the moisture problem causing the Sacramento dry rot must be corrected. In general, dry-rotted wood that will be bearing a load should be torn out and replaced. However, non-bearing surfaces, such as window frames, trim and baseboards, can be repaired in place.

Dry Rot Sacramento is a division of Hydrex Pest Control Sacramento that specifically caters to Sacramento Dry Rot Repair. The dry rot repair team is usually called out to a job to repair rather than replace because the replacement process usually calls for complete restoration and is a very expensive dry rot replacement job in the end.

How Hydrex Will Repair Dry Rot?
The most important and of course, first step in the Sacramento dry rot repair area is to cut or dig out as much of the spongy, rotted wood as possible, undercutting the void so that the filler we apply will stay in. Then, we will need to treat the area with a wood hardener that penetrates the wood, protects it from further rot, and forms a solid surface for the filler material to adhere to. If the void or crack is large and too big to scrape away the loosened wood we will cut a piece of wood that will be an exact fit to the piece of wood to embed it in as a filler, and nail it in, then fill the space around it with putty. This is because the surrounding wood will swell and shrink with changes in humidity. Over the years, a piece of wood will likely match the surrounding wood’s movement better than a big blob of filler will. Wood also costs a lot less than filler.

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