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Pholcus phalangioides "Daddy long-legs," "cellar spider"

The Daddy Long Legs can be distinguished by the grey/brown concolorous abdomen.  Their webs are irregular tangles. "Daddy Long legs are one of the most poisonous spiders, but their fangs are too short to bite humans" - We have all heard this one before, and this is not true. This saying has been told for years. Daddy long Leg Pest Control in Sacramento is one of the many services we offer here at Hydrex Pest Control.

"These long-legged spiders are in the family Pholcidae. Previously the common name of this family was the cellar spiders but arachnologists have also given them the moniker of "daddy-longlegs spiders" because of the confusion generated by the general public. Because these arachnids are spiders, they have 2 body basic body parts (cephalothorax and abdomen), have 8 eyes most often clumped together in the front of the body, the abdomen shows no evidence of segmentation, have 8 legs all attached to the front most body part (the cephalothorax) and make webs out of silk. This is most probably the animal to which people refer when they tell the tale because these Sacramento spiders are plentiful especially in cellars (hence their common name) and are commonly seen by the general public. The most common pholcid spiders found in U.S. homes are both European immigrants. These spiders are very common along the Pacific Coast. and into the southwest deserts. Found in Sacramento, CA if you have any problems with Daddy Long Legs Call Hydrex Pest Control in Sacramento today!"

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Daddy Long Leg Pest Control Sacramento
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