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More than 365,000 homes in the United States are involved in a fire each year.  More than 600,000 U. S. homes suffer termite damage totaling over $1.5 billion annually.  That is more damage than is caused by all fires, storms and earthquakes combined. If you need a termite inspection today then give Hydrex Pest Control in Sacramento a call! In excess of 2 million homes require termite treatment each year.  Home owners insurance can help recover losses from fires, storms and earthquakes, but it is almost impossible to carry insurance against termite infestation.  Finding out that your home has termites instills a since of fear among most home owners.  Typically termites can’t be seen or heard and often only a trained inspector can find signs of infestation. Treatment by the home owner for the control of termites is virtually impossible.  Specialized equipment is used and the Hydrex experts have ht knowledge necessary to plan control strategies.

Types of Sacramento Termites

Sacramento TermitesSacramento TermitesSacramento Termite

Termites feed on wood and may also destroy paper products such as books, cardboard boxes, furniture and various other items.  Even buildings with steel framing and masonry walls are targets because of wooden doors, window frames, wooden support beams (often hidden), cabinets or shelving within them.

Look for These Signs if you think you need Sacramento Termite Control

Possible signs of a termite infestation include: Pencil-sized diameter, or larger, mud tubes running across bare concrete or masonry between the soil and any wooden part of your building. Thin, small, paper-like wings all the same size and shape on your window sill, counter top or floor. "Bubbled" or distorted areas of paint on wooden surfaces. Any wooden building parts (especially if they are important support structures) that begins to sag.

Termites are a Job for Hydrex Termite Control!

A thorough termite inspection by a Sacramento termite control specialist is the first and most important step in protecting your property.  Experienced eyes can locate the specific areas in your structure where a termite attack is likely to occur.  Special tools, such as moisture meters and sound amplifiers may be used by some inspectors if a termite infestation is found.  One of our Sacramento Hydrex specialist will design a specific treatment just right for your property.

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