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Earwig Pest Control Sacramento

Found in Sacramento: The European earwig, Forficula auricularia.

Hydrex Pest Control of Sacramento services earwigs and pest management for earwigs. Pest Service for earwigs requires a program that takes advantage of their habitat preferences. As moisture-loving insects, earwigs would not normally thrive in Sacramento’s arid climate without the moisture and shade provided by the irrigated garden. Where earwigs are a problem, consider reducing hiding places and surface moisture levels. Initiate a regular trapping program. If these measures are followed, insecticide treatments should not be necessary.

Ear Wigs inside your Sacramento home:
Indoor earwigs in Sacramento can be swept or vacuumed up. be sure to kill them and dispose of them promptly so they will not re-invade. If earwigs are a regular problem in a building, inspect the area to see how they are getting in the house and seal up cracks and entry points. Remove materials outside the perimeter of the building that could provide harborage, such as ivy growing up walls, ground cover, debris (especially leaves in gutters), wood piles, leaf litter, piles of newspapers, or other organic matter. Also keep water and moisture away from the structure by repairing rain drain spouts, grading the area so water drains away from the structure, and ventilating crawl spaces to minimize moisture. Insecticide treatments indoors are not recommended; they will do little to prevent invasions. If earwigs are attracted to outdoor lights, replace them with yellow or sodium vapor lights, which are less attractive to earwigs. If your Sacramento home is in need of ear wig pest control then give Hydrex Pest Control a call today!

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