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How Long Is Termite Season in Sacramento

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Termite Season in Sacramento is Here!

Termites Season Sacramento, CA
Termite season in Sacramento does not really have a set month or a begging or end. Termites in Sacramento are typically active all year. The main season in Sacramento for termites is usually in March to around november. From March to november you will start to see an increase in termite infestations in Sacramento. In Sacramento Termites come through swarms, discarded wings and droppings. If you are located in Sacramento and start to see an infestation or any of the above signs please call Hydrex Termite Control today and get rid of your termite infestation today.
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In warmer climates, such as Sacramento termites remain to be consistant all year round however you will see signs of termites more consistantly in the warmer months. Termites in Sacramento will cause damage at any time, in any climate and any season. Termite Season in Sacramento has gone from March to November for years now but we have also seen termite season in Sacramento go from Febuary to December as well. Some years termites just trive a little more than others.

How Long Is Termite Season in Sacramento?

Termite Season in Sacramento depends on where you live. West Sacramento is going to be much more different than Folsom.   Termite activity in Sacramento also depends on the degree of shelter in there colony. Termites such as drywood termites in Sacramento that are located in a home are virtually un affected by weather so they really have no exact season. Seasonal weather changes can have severe changes or no changes at all to termite season in Sacramento depending on the type of termites you are dealing with.

There are Three main types of termites:

Types of Sacramento Termites

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